We at Radar Malibu Entertainment have maintained a single-minded focus on creating high-quality imagery while upholding the highest production standards. We are passionate hunters of great ideas and Believes to mold them in a beautifully executed frame. This enables us to magnetize audience irrespective of platform, device or venue. We collaborate with visionary brands, which trust us to bring their ideas to life.

We offer a comprehensive range of cost effective production services to corporations, independent documentary filmmakers, ad agencies, Music videos, television channels etc. From creating a brilliant and unique concept through to, Cinematography, editing, and Grading we can help you get the most out of your video.

We do multi-camera shoots for performances and events for broadcast, HD, DV tapes or DVD release. We also work on reality television productions and commercials. From single to multi-camera, low budget to high-end; we always do it and we have the resources to achieve your objectives.